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Pharmacokinets of amantadine absorption amantadine is well absorbed after oral administration.

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In th U, indications inlunza A tatmnt vay btwn th mmb stats (i.., indicatd tatmnt and/pophylaxis adults; adults and childn; only adults and adolscnts). Plas chck th pscibing inomation.

Taking amantadin with anticholingic mdications can incas sid cts both dugs, such as dy mouth, uinay tntion, blud vision, and dowsinss. xampls anticholingic dugs includ:

An antivial that is usd in th pophylactic symptomatic tatmnt inlunza A. It is alsusd as an antipakinsonian agnt, ttat xtapyamidal actions, and posthptic nualgia. Th mchanisms its cts in movmnt disods a not wll undstood but pobably lct an incas in synthsis and las dopamin, with phaps som inhibition dopamin uptak. [PubChm]

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